Beyond the possible

0.95 goes far beyond being simply very good.
It is the benchmark for our self-imposed commitment to exceed the technically possible in the creation of perfectly crafted milestones, with the ability to amaze and delight. In this way, we create objects of enduring value that transform our passion for innovative technologies and materials into a tangible experience.

0.95 is an homage to the legendary Leica Noctilux - M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH. lens and its maximum aperture of 0.95. In available-light photography, it possesses the ability to reveal details that remain hidden to the human eye. As the world’s fastest aspherical lens for 35 mm photography, its extremely shallow depth of field at maximum aperture expands creative horizons in a way previously unknown to the world of photography. Its superb optical performance unites with the highest-quality materials, perfect construction, and utmost precision in a lens of unrivaled quality.

0.95 is an attitude that unites the fine art of precision engineering, quality of materials, and enduring value in exclusive collections that meet the greatest demands. In collaboration with an extraordinary partner, it not only questions established limits, but it goes further: it redefines them.

0.95 is an idea by Leica Camera AG.

Better than perfect