S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Collection

Partnership for perfection

The very first 0.95 collection is the result of a collaboration with the French manufacturer of premium luggage and accessories. The quality, style and exclusiveness of the S.T. Dupont for 0.95 products reflects the exceptional standards of 0.95 and manifests its self-imposed commitment to absolute perfection.

S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Writing instruments

Give your written word unique weight - with ease

S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Fountain pen

This traditional fountain pen is made from matte-black Ceramium A.C.T.™, accentuated by a highly resilient gloss coating applied by physical vapor deposition (PVD). The cap features knurled details and an engraved “0.95” logo filled by hand with finest white lacquer by Dupont’s master finishers. The pen has a medium nib in 14-karat solid gold. Perfect for emphasizing the important things. Order number: 96425

S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Rollerball pen

The luxurious rollerball pen is made from the same innovative Ceramium A.C.T.™ material and brass refined with a PVD coating. Its smart rollerball technology enables fast and easy writing. The most elegant way to put good ideas to paper. Order number: 96426

S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Ballpoint pen

The third in this exquisite series of 0.95 writing instruments impresses with the same highly resilient materials and distinctive design, per­fectly matching the fountain pen. A companion with which you will always find the right words – anywhere and any time. Order number: 96427

S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Lighter

A visual and acoustic celebration of special moments

The use of innovative Ceramium A.C.T.™ mate­rial on this classic gas lighter in matte and gloss finish lends it particularly enduring resilience. The engraved “0.95” logo is filled with finest white lacquer by Dupont’s master finishers. The decorative etched finish of all visible surfaces additionally creates a unique look and tactile experience. Equally unmistakable is the world famous “cling” when flicking it open. A lighter with a special touch for unforgettable moments. Order number: 96430

S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Key ring pendant

A synthesis of simplicity and lasting value

The robust pendant is crafted from finest-quality brass and hard coated by physical vapor deposition with an extremely durable surface finish in matte black. The ring itself is made from chromed steel. The “0.95” engraving is filled in with white Dupont lacquer, transforming the plain and simple design of the keyring pendant with its charac­teristic knurling into an elegant eye-catcher. Order number: 96429

S.T. Dupont

Be exceptional

Since Simon Tissot Dupont began handcrafting luxury luggage in 1872, the name of S.T. Dupont has become well known and highly respected for what the founder believed in: creating beauti­ful, durable objects for the world with the never-ending pursuit of perfection and performance and constant search for new fields of application. Today, as then, all the company’s products are made in France. S.T. Dupont and Leica share the principles of employing only the finest materials and precision craftsmanship in the creation of timeless design as a guarantee for enduring value. These exclusive products have a precious­ness brought to life in the user’s hands.

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Intelligence is defined as the combination of different thoughts to create new ideas. Ceramium A.C.T.™ is a new and innovative material that took three years of research and development to create by combining different materials and their unique properties. It is 40 percent lighter than the metals conventionally employed in the making of writing instruments, completely fire-re­sistant, and offers up to six times the resistance to mechanical stresses. In order to go beyond conventional physical limits, S.T. Dupont subjects the mysterious aluminum alloy – already made up of different metals – to a ceramic treatment. A material that is virtually beyond imagination.


The desire to take something good and make it better is a driving force that leads to innovation. It is also the source of the idea for making hard metal even harder – physical vapor deposition (PVD), a hard-coating method. Here, titanium nitride is applied to metal surfaces by ion vapor deposition in a vacuum. The resulting coating is not only extremely resistant to wear and corrosion, but it also creates a unique and permanently elegant look in a choice of matte or glossy finishes. A finish simply predestined for things that will be our lifelong companions.