Leica M10-R

Jakość obrazu odkryta na nowo.

Leica M10-R, black chrome
Leica M10-R, black chrome Leica M10-R, silver chrome
Leica M10-R black paint finish

Sometimes seeing
someone else being
happy is enough to
fill yourself with joy.

Anisia Kuzmina photographs people, not professional models with the Leica M10-R.

She tells their true stories and crafts larger projects about people and what matters most to them.

"This series is about the happiness of those who let me be their observer and participant of those happy moments."

"They showed me their
favourite streets, fields,
their favourite people,
their secret spots
and rituals."

"I followed them with the Leica M10-R and captured important moments and personal insights."

"The M-System makes you truly rely on your ability to concentrate and think through each frame to the main details. This camera makes you fall in love with the process. It helps find new meanings and capture them."

Leica M10-R

Redefining image quality.