UVa II-, Pol-, ND- and Color filters

For increased contrast and colour in every picture

Filtr UVa II

Chroni przed uszkodzeniami i brudem

Filtr UVa II chroni przednią soczewkę obiektywu przed zadrapaniami, brudem, czy odciskami palców. Jednocześnie nowe powłoki oraz wyraźnie poprawione parametry optyczne pozwalają zachować pełną jakość rejestrowanego obrazu nawet w niekorzystnych warunkach świetlnych. Dzięki dodaniu dodatkowego gwintu filtr UVa II może być używany wspólnie z innymi filtrami działając jako trwała ochrona Twojego cennego obiektywu.

Filtry dostępne są w rozmiarach od E39 do E95, Serie VII i VIII 

Nazwa produktu Numer artykułu
Leica Filter UVa II, E55, black 13037
Leica Filter UVa II, E55,silver 13038
Leica Filter UVa II, E60, black 13039
Leica Filter UVa II, E60, silver 13067
Leica Filter UVa II, E67, black 13040
Leica Filter UVa II, E72, black 13041
Leica Filter UVa II, E82, black 13042
Leica Filter UVa II, E95, black 13043
Leica Filter UVa II, Serie VII, black 13044
Leica Filter UVa II, Serie VIII, black 13045
Leica Filter UVa II, E39, black 13030
Leica Filter UVa II, E39, silver 13031
Leica Filter UVa II, E43, black 13032
Leica Filter UVa II, E46, black 13033
Leica Filter UVa II, E46, silver 13034
Leica Filter UVa II, E49, black 13035
Leica Filter UVa II, E52, black 13036

ND filter

Capture motion

Time exposure is essential for capturing and reproducing the flowing motion of subjects, such as waterfalls. The neutral density filter (ND) enables this even in sunlight by reducing the amount of light entering the lens to allow longer shutter speeds to be used. Colour rendition remains unaffected and undesirable reflections in contre jour exposures are prevented. In addition to this, the ND filter allows the use of larger apertures for capturing photos and videos with shallower depth of field.

Available in sizes: E39 to E95

Nazwa produktu Numer artykułu
Leica Filter ND 16x, E39, black 13054
Leica Filter ND 16x, E46, black 13055
Leica Filter ND 16x, E55, black 13056
Leica Filter ND 16x, E60, black 13057
Leica Filter ND 16x E67, black 13071
Leica Filter ND 16x, E72, black 13058
Leica Filter ND 16x, E82, black 13059
Leica Filter ND 16x, E95, black 13060

Circular polarisation filter

For a clearer view of things

The circular polarisation filter eliminates undesirable reflections from shiny surfaces like water or glass and helps to enhance colour contrasts. The universal polarisation filter is supplied complete with a 180° swing-out mount that allows it to be positioned in front of the viewfinder window to control and assess the effect of polarisation on the subject before exposure. Thanks to a range of adapters, it can be used in combination with a multitude of different lenses.

Filter available in sizes: E52 to E95

Universal Adapter-M available in sizes: E39 to E49

Nazwa produktu Numer artykułu
Universal-Polfilter M, with adapter for E39 and E46 13356
Leica Filter P-Cir, E52, black 13046
Leica Filter P-Cir, E55, black 13047
Leica Filter P-Cir, E60, black 13048
Leica Filter P-Cir, E67, black 13049
Leica Filter P-Cir, E72, black 13050
Leica Filter P-Cir, E82, black 13052
Leica Filter P-Cir, E95, black 13053

Colour filters

Create atmospheric moods

These specially calculated colour filters are particularly recommended for black-and-white photography with the Leica M Monochrom. The yellow, green and orange filters allow photographers to explore a whole range of creative effects with light and contrast. By modifying the conversion of colours to greyscale values, the colour of the filter in the original scene becomes lighter, and its complementary colour darker. This can be used to create uniquely atmospheric moods in landscape and portrait photography. At the same time, multicoating reduces reflections and ensures high transmission without vignetting.

Available in sizes: E39 and E46.

Nazwa produktu Numer artykułu
Leica Filter Orange, E46, black 13064
Leica Filter Orange, E39, black 13061
Leica Filter Green, E46, schwarz 13066
Leica Filter Green, E39, black 13063
Leica Filter Yellow, E46, black 13065
Leica Filter Yellow, E39, black 13062
Nazwa produktu Numer artykułu
Adapter for Tri-Elmar-M 28-35-50 mm f/4 lenses 14286
Adapter for M 135mm f/3.4 and 75 mm f/2 lenses 14418
Adapter for M 135 mm f/4 lenses 14213
Adapter for E 49 lenses 14211