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Using the Leica SL2
allows me to shoot
discretely and fast

Poised to continue a career in music, Melbourne-based photographer, Alex Drewniak, shifted her focus from that of a classical pianist to taking up her position behind the camera. Apart from a few courses at the Centre of Creative Photography in Adelaide, she is self-taught. Drewniak has channelled her musical aptitude into becoming an artist known for her guileless and urban photographs.

Having worked
for over a decade
in the music and
fashion industry

Drewniak brings a personal energy and vibrancy to her work—It’s what has inspired Nike, Tiffany and MBFWA to engage her in their campaigns.

Having travelled the world, from New York to LA, Asia, and the UK, shooting for fashion brands and artists, Drewniak’s frank ‘street-style’ is eminently evident in her music and fashion photography.


The Leica SL2
has such an amazing
“made in Germany” feeling.

It is the best quality I’ve come across in photographic equipment from the glass, the metal to the leather. It’s like the Gucci of the camera world! Loving the new Leica SL2 and the way it allows me shoot.

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Leica SL2
Twój wybór.

SL2 jest jedynym aparatem bezlusterkowym zaprojektowanym i wykonanym w Niemczech. To techniczny cud pod względem wydajności i niezrównanej jakości wykonania. Leica SL2 jest naturalną ewolucją innowacyjnej Leiki SL. Przyszłość cyfrowej fotografii i filmowania jest dziś.