Leica SL2

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the hill

Gaudenz Danuser with the SL2

with the
Leica SL2

As in all his photographic projects, the Swiss photographer Gaudenz Danuser is also interested in his action photography to show the atmosphere behind the obvious. Thus his protagonists become part of the mighty dimensions of the mountain world that he calls his home.

"If I used to pack my equipment, my backpack was often too heavy for me to be able to move around in the terrain for a long time."

With the SL2 this has changed. It offers the necessary speed for action photography and is still small and handy enough. Besides that, it is not impressed by nasty weather at all.

"The fact that I can use the lenses of my other two systems Leica S and Leica M on the SL2 makes this camera a real stroke of luck for me."

Leica SL2
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SL2 jest jedynym aparatem bezlusterkowym zaprojektowanym i wykonanym w Niemczech. To techniczny cud pod względem wydajności i niezrównanej jakości wykonania. Leica SL2 jest naturalną ewolucją innowacyjnej Leiki SL. Przyszłość cyfrowej fotografii i filmowania jest dziś.