Leica SL2

Twój wybór.

The castle of
the five ladies.

"I use my sensibility
to recreate atmospheres
that are conducive to
dreaming and escapism."

Letizia Le Fur is a modern photgrapher with a deep and structural sense of color and composition. She has developed a personal work nourished by her different travels and encounters, and by all forms of poetry, formal and sensory, which is offered to her sensitive eyes, which she stages "like a painting" and grasp with gentleness and depth. At castle Chenonceau in France she worked with the Leica SL2 on this beautiful series.

I really like bringing together humans with plants as well as minerals and was totally focused on the moods. I wanted them intense and muffle, by bringing together vegetal substances in a diptych format.

"For me, the SL2
is an excellent
professional tool."

It makes the colors explode, brings out the textures and tones. It's also a camera that makes my post-production process a lot easier and the digital viewfinder also offers real comfort, when working in low light conditions.

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Leica SL2
Twój wybór.

SL2 jest jedynym aparatem bezlusterkowym zaprojektowanym i wykonanym w Niemczech. To techniczny cud pod względem wydajności i niezrównanej jakości wykonania. Leica SL2 jest naturalną ewolucją innowacyjnej Leiki SL. Przyszłość cyfrowej fotografii i filmowania jest dziś.

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