The Leica Look

Photography is our passion – the pursuit of the best image is our motivation. At Leica, this includes everything from camera designers to Leica Store employees, from amateur to professional photographers. Often, the quest for the best image focuses on the technology of the products. However, emotions are triggered especially by fantastic photographs.

For three month periods at a time, Leica Stores around the world will become places where you can experience and learn to master selected areas of photography. The current theme is “fashion”. We invite you here to discover useful and exciting information about the subject, to be delighted by the Leica look, attend a course at the Leica Academy, or go directly to a Leica Store.

Our staff and photography experts at Leica Stores around the world, look forward to sharing their knowledge and know-how with you in person, offering you constructive and encouraging support across a range of technical and photographic matters.

What is fashion photography?

Fashion Photography is a highly aesthetic genre of photography, where the main requirement is to capture beauty. At the same time, it walks a narrow line between authenticity and staging, between art and commerce.


What is available light photography?

Available light photography is not a technique, but rather a philosophy. The photographer sees him or herself as part of the scenario and avoids the use of additional light sources, such as a flash.

They adapt to the existing light situation and – even under unfavourable technical conditions – incorporate it into the picture composition. The frequent outcome is an image that conveys an intense impression and is seen by viewers as particularly authentic.


What is motion blur?

In photography, motion blur refers to the apparent streaking of moving objects. Motion blur is used deliberately as a creative tool, to give images an emotional charge, and to create or strengthen certain moods and impressions.


What does BOKEH mean?

Bokeh is a Japanese word meaning ‘blur’, and describes the pleasing or aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blur in a photograph.

The human eye is, however, unable to perceive this unsharpness in the real world. This is the reason why pictures with bokeh always appear magical, surreal or fanciful.


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